Friday, December 7, 2012


This is a great tool for women and every woman should have the MakeUpMiser. A little background on who created the MakeUpMiser and what it is. Michelle Phillips manages an exclusive Medical Day Spa operated by a prominent cosmetic Surgeon. Michelle came across a problem at the spa when the clientele was complaining that they could not get all the contents out of the lotions and creams that the spa sold. With a lot of trial and error Michelle came up with the MakeUpMiser. This is designed to be flexible accessory that enables the user to be able to get every drop fore the containers. This does not only help you get the product out of the jar it also helps control bacterial growth in cosmetic products.

This product is a livesavor and I would recommend it to anyone who uses lotions, medicated creams, cosmetics that you do not want to waist. I was able to review the MakeUpMiser and they come in three different sizes. One is small, medium and large. They are perfect for all different sizes containers. I tried each on and almost empty bottle of lotion that I like to see if it actually worked. Let me tell you each one worked great. I was able to get the lotion out that I would not normally able to get. That was great and I felt like I got my moneys worth which was nice. Also by using the MakeUpMiser it can help prevent bacteria growth which I really like. 

I recommend having MakeUpMiser everywhere. This would make a great stocking stuffer this year. Great present for moms who love makeup and lotions. Would be a great tool.

You can find more information on the MakeUpMiser at

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