Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Light Affection

Are you looking for those special gifts for the holidays for your parents are family members. I came across a site that was unique and just fell in love. Their site is called Light Affections. Light Affections is a night light. Although it is not a normal night light. You send them your photo and they carve your picture on the material. Than when you plug it in the light shines on the photograph and it shows up. 

I received my own Light Affection in the mail the other day. I was impressed on how it was packaged. The box did say fragile on it and was packed very nicely in the box to keep it safe. Let me tell you it was tested due to the mail carrier not following instructions. When I opened the box I thought it was amazing. When the light is turned off it feel bumpy and just engraved with the picture. When you turn the picture on you get the amazing photo that you sent them. The one in the picture is the one that I received it is a picture of my wonderful children. I absolute stunned on how beautiful this is. It more amazing in person than picture. I can not understand on how they got to be like that. 

I would recommend this for Christmas or for any type of gift for loved ones. I can not tell you how many complements I have received on my night light. This would be a great treasure even for your selves. If you want to see more information on Light Affection please visit them at

You will be able to win below. This would be one nightlight for best results please choose a picture of 2 people. Usa only.


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