Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Launch'n Attack Review

Launch N Attack AnnihilatorThis year are you shopping for a boy who love play guns? I recently came across a wonderful site called Launch'n Attack. Launch'n Attack have several dart guns. I was able to review two of their play guns and they are the Annihilator and Eradicator. Any boy will love these. My son went nuts when they arrived yesterday. I think this is the first time he went this nuts over a toy. 

I will review the Annihilator first. The Annihilator has a dart blaster with a Heli disc launcher which I find that really cool. When your a mommy you try to find a perfect one for your child. The trouble I was having is they broke within minutes of using them. I will say the Annihilator is very sturdy and great quality. I will also say it very interesting because the Annihilator has a Heli disk launcher. Which you launch it up in the air and you try to shoot it. If you do know if you shot the disk or not you can always look lights on the Heli Disk. If it changes colors that means you hit the disk. Which that is really cool because your child may not know if they hit it or not.  The Annihilator comes with 6 foam darts, 1 heli disc with flashing lights, barrel style loading hold 6 darts, battery operated fire power, heli disc launched by rip cord, flies. What I really enjoy about this product is how many of these kind of toys have a target you can shoot at. I know I have a son and a daughter can you see the problem I have hear. Annihilator comes with a target which I really think is a plus because that mean my daughter is not the target. I will say that is one of my favorite plus about this toy.

Next we will move on to the Eradicator. This is different from the Annihilator by a lot. This blaster shoot foam dart in the gun. There is a second device that shoots the helicopter blade disc high in the air. I really like how there two separate things. This kind of reminds me when people go out shooting the clay pigeons. This would be a similar thing but kid friendly and safer. What I really like about Eradicator is when I was putting it together and it quite solid and made well. Great quality product and I would highly recommending this product for children. When you shoot the Heli disc I was impressed the rang on how far it went in the air. What I really liked about this toy that my child could even shoot it and use the blaster with out any problems.

I would recommend these blasters for your kids for Christmas. I actually prefer these over and other blasters. I actually have bought about ten of them in the past year and have been disappointing because the break with in two days because they are not made well. The Launch'N Attack blasters they are amazing and they hold up very well great quality. If my son still has it and still is great condition that tells all. My son was able to use these without any problems and they where not difficult to use and they worked smoothly. What are you waiting for? Visit their site and get your Launch'N Attack before Christmas. You can visit them at

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