Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Krigler New York City Review


I know I absolutely love looking for new perfumes out there. Ic am across Krigler New York and let me tell you they have a variety of different products and there perfumes are to die for. Albert Krigler had a desire to make luxurious and unique fragrances. When you shop at Krigler New York City shop you will not only find perfume you will also find candles, lotions, srubs, oils and much more. I was able to try a sample of Mediterranean Peach and I absolutely loved the smell of it.  When I went out to dinner I received many compliments from wearing the perfume. This perfume of course as a sweet peach smell to it. I love the smell of peaches so I knew I would fall in love with this perfume. This perfume also has a small amount of floral smelling to it. This could be a special occasion smell or even a every day occasion. This would make a great gift for last minute Christmas presents for your wives or someone special. Do not forget that Valentines Day is going to be arriving shortly also. Keep in mind this would make a great Valentines Day Gift. You can find many great gifts at



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