Sunday, December 2, 2012

Krave Jerky Review

My dad and I are big beef jerky fans and always try to find the best out there. We have never heard about Krave Jerky before and we were interested but did not know they would meet up to our expectations. When we received our package in the mail we got 5 packages to try. We received Basil Citrus, Garlic Chili Pepper, Sweet Chipotle, Chili Lime and Lemon Garlic. When I looked through these flavors my first impression that these sound strange and that no way would I like them or my dad. Boy was I wrong.

The first flavor that we tried was the Lemon Garlic. I was afraid to try this brand at first because i do not like Garlic or lemon. When I opened the bag and tried a piece I could not put down the bag. It had those flavors but i have never tasted anything like that before. The flavors were just amazing. My children who usually do not like to eat jerky because it is to tough absolutely loved it also. They gobbled it up and it seems like we literally had to rush to get another piece. This flavor was my favorite out of the whole bag. 

The second bag that we tried was the Basil Citrus. This had Basil flavoring and Citrus flavor in this jerky. I liked this also and thought that I wouldn't. Only thing that I did not like about it is the Basil has just a little to much so I had to eat it slower. Which is not a bad thing. It was still very good and beat any jerky brand that I have ever tried. My daughter seemed to really enjoy this and it was very tender. I like how the citrus and the basil mix well together and bring out a great flavor.

The third bag we tried was the the Chili Lemon Garlic. This one was absolutely my dads favorite one. I also really enjoyed this one also. The one thing with me it was kind of hot for me. Although I could not stop eating it though. I would eat small pieces at a time. It had that chili kick to it also it had a sweet flavor to it which I really liked. My dad said this was the best flavor that he ever had. We know that my dad name is MR. PICKY. So we know this one passed the test.

The Garlic Chili and Sweet Chopotle was my dads favorite. I let him try those he said if you like something with a kick they are great but he also said they were also kind of sweet. He approved and I know he did because they did not last very long.

I will say that Krave Jerky is the best jerky so far that I have tried. It was very tender and not tough. I love jerky and so does my dad but i hate to fight the hard jerky where you can not chew. This was where i could rip a piece off for my daughter that was how tender it was. I would defitnely recommend this gift and my dad is already hinting he wants me to get him this for Christmas.

They have great deals on there jerky make sure you go check their site out.

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