Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knickerbocker Glory Review

When your a mother of two you always try to find the right products for your children. Just recently I was able to review Bocker Boys Boxer Briefs and Girls Bikerbocker underouts. I really like the quality of material that is used.

We will start with the Bocker Boys Boxer Briefs. I was really impressed these were x small and they fit him just right. We usually have a hard time finding any that fit right. Usually the sizes we buy end to run small although this is not the case. The measurements are just right and fit correctly. My son liked the designed of them. They are White and blue. I like how these look like real boxers briefs and he loved them. When I put them in the wash before he used them they held up great. No fading at all and they looked brand new.

I really enjoyed the girls Bickerbokcer underouts. Sometimes I still have to put diapers on my daughter. Sometimes when I have to go out I do not like the diaper just showing so I loved putting the over top of them to look like real underwear. Another thing that I like my daughter is starting to go potty more often so she can just wear these period. These are really cute and all pink with a bow. They fit her just right and they do not look awkward at all. The are a softer material and they hold up just great.

I would recommend getting these for your children. They will absolutely loved them. My children like wearing them all the time. My son think they are very cool. The would make great starting pants. Work with your children to get them into these. 


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