Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Klutz activites books

What are you getting your kids for Christmas? Are you looking for that perfect gift that will get your kids thinking and using their imaginations. Well you found the right place and Klutz can help you out with that. Klutz has a variety of activity books for children. 

Klutz creates activity books and other stuff for children 3 and up. Their mission with this company is to create great products and have the kids enjoy the books.

I was able to review three books that where from Klutz. The first book that I received was 10 tabletop target game Coin Blaster Arcade. This is a great gift you have a boy because my son absolutely loves it. This book has two penny blasters that come with it. The penny blaster has a easy reload coin slot in the back which is nice. What you need for this activity is a bunch of pennies and a flat surface to be able to play. There are several activities that you can play such as Slap shot, Break the Bank, Blastometer, Blasting Blocks, Monster Mouth, Get Air, Hot Shot Hoops, Upper Cut, 50 Yard Flick, Skee Coin, Penny Putt Golf.  All these are great came for kids and they are so much fun. There are directions for each one and how to play them. What I really like about this game is you can bring it with you anywhere and you do not have a mess. My favorite game out of this one is the Blastometer. Blastometer is where you put 9 quarters in the track then you shoot pennies at the quarters and try to knock them out!!. I am not very good at this one but my son found out how to do it real quick. This will bring hours and hours of play on just one game and there are several to play we also like the Hot Shot Hoops also.

The second book that I got to review was the Gotcha Gadgets. This kit is for building electronic gizmos to play 20 tricks. This is a great gift for someone who is in playing pranks or into science fun. This kit come with a 32 page book of science and sneakiness, 1 circuit board with speaker, LED, photo-detector, switches and battery clip, plastic clip, gadget dock, gadget case and four sheets of gadget covers. This is a great set I am not very good at doing this kind of stuff. But when I tried I had a lot of fun and I know kids will love this book. It was fun building different of the gotcha tricks. I did the door alarm one and we played a trick on my dad. My son though that was one was great because my dad jumped. This would make a great stocking stuffer. This would make a great dad and son time. Or just having your child with this kit.

The last book we got was Star Wars Folded Flyers. This was my sons favorite. He loves planes and this made his day. This tell you how to make these wonderful flyers and what the greatest touch is all the flyers are in the back. All you have to do is pick the flyer you want to make and cut the pieces out and follow the directions and your all set to go. This was so much fun for my son and I. This was such a fun activity and he loved playing with the flyer. We only made one because we also have a two year old in the house and we did not want her to destroy them.

I would highly recommend these as gifts for the holidays. These are so much fun and there for any age really. I know the planes had my son and I having so much fun and he is four and i am twenty six. They also have girl kits also that would appeal to girls. I will guarantee that it will bring hours and hours and hours of fun!! 

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