Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kaz Vicks Starry Night Humidifier

When you have to children it is great to have a cool moisture humidifier. When my son gets a cold it can get to the point where he has trouble breathing. My daughter tends to have a lower immunity so she tends to get more colds in the family. When my children have a cold they have a rough time falling a sleep. My son would not like this in his room because of the noise. Vicks came out a great children's starry night cool moisture humidifier. Which is a great one to have in the child's room. My son really like how the top has a starry projector on top. He said the only thing that is missing from it was music. I really like how the humidifier has a star projection on top. This projects stars and moon on your child ceiling and also has a variety of different colors. This brings a calm feeling for your child when they are not feeling good. What my son really enjoyed is when he was falling asleep the colors would change when he was falling asleep.

One of my concerns when I started the Vick Humidifier was will the moisture make the air to dewy? With Vicks humidifier I can promise you that this is not an issue. Vicks humidifier has invisible moisture which is nice and does not make your child's room feel dewy or heavy. This actually made my son able to breath easier during the night. After he woke up there was still water in his humidifier. No worries of the water running out during the middle of the night. I know which my sons old one we had to fill it a few times to make it last throughout the whole night.

The humidifier is very east to use and not complicated at all. Anyone can use this which is nice. The humidifier has a clear container where it holds the water so you know when it needs to be refilled which is nice. It holds one gallon of water in the clear plastic container. For my sons room I put on the lowest mode so his room does not fill up with a lot of moisture. If I put the humidifier out in the living room where my son sometimes decides to sleep when he is not feeling good. I would put it on the higher setting for a bigger room. I like how you can control how much moisture you let out in your rooms. Another option you can do is that the humidifier came with to Vicks VapoPads. This is a scent pack where you can put in your humidifier so it can spread the scent of menthol throughout the room. I know that I would love this if I had a cold. 

If you have a child who is very picky like my son. I would highly recommend finding this humidifier. My son does not like noise and does not usually like this in his room. The starry feature helps him relax a lot. You can find this product at  


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