Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Think Toys Bath Blocks

One of the most important time in my household is bath time. I know all the mothers can relate to me on this one. I can never get my children out of the tub. I am always looking for fun activites to do while they are in the tub. If I do not give them something to do they splash and splash and that causes problems. I came across this wonderful site called Just Think Toys. Just Think Toys are bath block sets that you use in your bath tub. The have several different sets and you also can combine different sets that you buy.

Today I received Bath Block 13 piece ball run set. This is a simple toy and I really like it because you can do so much with it. There are no wrong ways to play with this set and there is no right way. I love this toy because my son loves to be creative and create new things. The one thing I was afraid of is how hard it is to stick on the wall and actually play with. My son put the blocks in the water and put the blocks in a little bit of soap suds and stuck them to the wall. It was very easy for them to stick and he was able to do it by himself. I can not tell you how many creation he made with this set. He also loved the ball and making it go down the blocks he absolutely loved it. The quality of the set is great and what I mean by that is the set did not break when my son used it. I have a four year old boy an at time things do not last with him. This held up great did not break, tear or crack which is great. This is his new favorite bath time toy and guess what there is no splashing and huge messes. Great for me. This toy has passed the test. This would be a great toy for any child.  I would would recommend this for a christmas present. Your child would really love this and I would recommend getting more than one set!!

You can find these sites at  http://just-think-toys.shptron.com/c/bathblocks
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  1. Thanks for the chance to win...hope I win for my son...he really wants this! Thanks again!

  2. Would love to use these in the classroom. I am a preschool teacher, and I know all of my kids would love to use this with the water table!

  3. I wish I had seen these products before I did my Christmas shopping. It is very difficult to find nice bathtub toys.

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