Monday, December 10, 2012

Inbru Coffee Review

I know my family are big coffee drinkers in my home. We were very excited when we were able to Inbru flavoring. Inbru has a variety of flavors that you add with your favorite coffee when you brew it. What I like about Inbru stays in the brew basket and does not dissolve in the coffee. Inbru contains no sugar and is fat free, carb free and calorie free. I was lucky to able to receive two jars of Inbru to review. I received Irish Cream and Chocolate Fudge. When I received them and they come in small jars. I know what a lot of you are thinking that you will go through this very quickly. That is not true you get about 60 servings in a jar. When I opened the jar it was kind of strong for me but there was a lot in it. We tried it and brewed our coffee. I will say that the Irish Cream was the best. My dad told that it was the best flavoring he has ever had. He also told me he does not even try to bother with flavors because they never get it right. He said that Imbru have got it right. My parents like the Irish Cream better and I like the Chocolate fudge better.

If you want to check there site out for more wonderful flavors check them out at 

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