Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Stickers Review and Giveaway

The other day when we were in the car my son saw a van that had a stick family sticker on the back of the window. My son said that was really neat and he wanted one. I was given that chance from Family Stickers. I liked how their site would allow you to pick out and personalize all of your family members. It was a lot fun and the great part of it their where a lot choices to choose from. You also could chose from color or the traditional white. First you chose the members body type, facial type, hair, clothes and interest. Than you put all of those together and you get your family sticker.

When we received our sticker it turned out better than I thought it would. It looked amazing and when my children saw it they pointed to their own character. My son enjoyed it the most and really thought it was cool. What I like it has our last night on top. Then there is me with a pony tail and it kind of looks like scrubs where I used to be a CENA so appropriate. I even like how there was a glasses option. then my son looked a lot like him with the brow hair. He really enjoyed him and said it was a perfect fit. Then my daughter with a dress and blondish hair. She really liked her picture also. I also really like how are names are underneath each photo. Which is nice and the perfect touch. 

I had no trouble at all applying my sticker to my window. I followed the instruction that it came with in the package and it went on without any trouble. Before you put the sticker on the window make sure it is clean before applying the sticker. Wash it before you apply. Then you pull the backing of the sticker and put it in the right spot. Then you smooth it down and remove the other piece of the backing. I have had the decal up and it seems to be great no signs of wear or tear and is in perfect condition. This would make a great Christmas Present for you family members!!

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