Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enjoying Tea

 In our house we love drinking hot tea. I especially love hot tea on a cold winter day or when I have a cold. I came across this wonderful site called Enjoying Tea and they have a wide of variety of products. The one thing that I was missing with my tea at home was a Tea Set and that when I started to look and fell in love with product at Enjoying Tea. I was given the opportunity to review a Tea Set from them and a sampler of their teas. I was very excited.

When I went to go pick out a Tea Set there where a great of variety of tea sets to choose from. The broke them up in categories such as Cast Iron Tea Sets, Chinese Tea Sets, English Tea Sets, Glass Tea Sets, Japanese Tea Sets, Porcelain Tea Sets, Stone Tea Sets and Yixing Clay Tea Sets. I chose the Plum Blossom Porcelain Set. When it came to trying their tea they had a great variety of teas to chose from also they had tea sampler sets. I was able to try the Fruit Flavored Green Tea sampler.

When the set arrived I always get nervous when things I know that are breakable arrive. You never know if they are going to be in one piece or not. when I opened the box they nicely packed and nothing was broken. I even like the fact that they put a bag of packing peanuts in the gap their was with the teas set. The tea set came safe and was secured in the box. I like how the tea sample was packages also they where nicely in a tin and was safe and secured also.

When I received my Plum Blossom Tea Set it came with one teapot, 6 teacups and there was a internal filter at the end of teapot spout. When you order their tea sets they always include tea with your set. I think that is very nice. My tea set has a plum blossom design on the site of it also the teacups also have this design on it. The tea set I absolutely love and the art work on it is very nicely done. It is also great quality product. I also love how the teapot has a filter inside and works very nicely. I used the tea set when my friend came over and it was a great hit and they though it was beautiful.

Then I got to try the tea sampler. This sampler was great quality of tea and it was a nice sampler. Sometimes in my opinion samplers can be kind of skimpy and I am usually disappointed. This was not the case though it was a great sampler and at a great price. The sampler that I got to try came with 6 samples  of Fruit Flavored Green Tea. The sample is between 0.9 oz and 1.2 oz per sample it all depends on the leaf size of the tea. The samples doe come in a square tin canister I really like how the packaged them in the canisters. This sampler contained he following flavors such as Mango Green Tea, Strawberry Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Apple Green Tea, Lichee Jasmine Green Tea, Cheery Rose Kyoto Sencha. I liked all the teas and they where different and I never taste anything like them but I enjoyed them. My favorite was the Strawberry Green Tea and my least favorite was Lemon Green Tea. This would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys tea for Christmas. This would be a gift that you normally would not think of but their products are beautiful and great for gifts.

If you would like to look at their beautiful products you can look at them at 

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