Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle

I try and find different ways to live a greener life. I know I can not change over night so I am starting to take steps closer to that side. By stepping up and trying to live greener lives it helps our earth and also ca help our future. I came across a wonderful site called Smart Plant. Smart Planet is a company that strives to provide consumers with the right tools for a greener life. What I found really interesting is that Smart Planet has been offering smart ad eco-friendly products for 15 years. I was very excited that I was able to review EcoOasis Foldable Water Bottle from Smart Planet. I thought this concept was very unique and was very excited when this item arrived. When I first took this out of the package I was amazed how great quality this product is. This is a great product for mothers who have small children. Although this product would be good for just about anyone. I enjoyed this product because it is not like any other product that I have. This can be used and after your done using the water bottle you can fold it up. I first used this when we were in the car. I took this out and gave it to my son it was very easy to use and it wast flimsy or hard to hang on to. Than after he was done I could roll it up and put it away in my purse. It did not take up any space and I absolutely loved it. I would recommend this to all families who have children. This would be a great thing to have if you are on the road or traveling. 

Amazon you can but it here

If you would like to find out more information on their products you can go to their site at 

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