Monday, December 3, 2012

Tortuga Rum Cake

Each year I am always stumped on what do I get my parents this year for Christmas. I usually try to find a gift no one else will think of. I have found a great site called Tortuga Rum Cakes. That make the best Rum Cakes out there. I was very excited when Tortuga sent me two rum cakes and coffee.

A little about Tortuga Rum Cakes. Tortuga Rum Cakes are made over four generations. You will not be able to find this recipe anywhere because it is a family secret. A fun fact is that the Rum Cakes are actually make in the Caribbean. 

The first item that I reviewed was the Tortuga 100 percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. This coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. This coffee is actually handpicked in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It is also roasted by the finest local roast master just before the coffee is shipped. When you open the package the aroma spread throughout the whole room. My dad tested the coffee and he said it was truly one of the best coffee's he as ever tasted. He only has this on special days and will not share with anyone else. So that means the coffee is great.

The next Item for review is that I received two Tortuga Rum Cakes to review. I received one Original Golden Rum Cake and I also received a Coconut Rum Cake. I really like the Original Golden Rum Cake is a taste that I have never tasted before. It was nice an moist. I also loved the Coconut one also and had a great take of Coconut in and very moist. I did not want to share with anyone and wish I had more. This would make a great hostess gift for someone or great holiday gift for your parents or grandparents. The also come in variety of flavors and sizes. They come in 4 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz. 

Be the joy of the party and bring Tortuga Rum Cakes or some Tortuga Coffee. You will be the talk of the party. This would make great gift basket ideas also. You can find these great products at

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