Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Create Abilities For Kids

I was able to review the December box from Creative Abilities for Kids. They have a box that they put together each month with crafts for your children. These will be age appropriate crafts for the age of your children. They also range around 15 dollars.

I received the December Box to review for the holidays. My son was very excited when this box arrived. We sat down and open the box. What I like is that these crafts where in big zip locked bags with all the supplies that are needed for that specific craft. Also there is a step by step instructions on how to do the craft. 

The first craft that we did was a poinsettia. The kit included a paper plate, construction paper, glue, and a yellow circle for the enter, and glitter. First we took the plate out. Then we took the red and green construction paper and traced Justin's hand and cut that out. Then we glued the green on the outside and then the red in underneath the green. Than we put the yellow circle in the middle and then put the glitter on top. This was a great activity and my son absolutely loved this and we already have hung this decoration up.

The second activity that was in the box was a collage. We had a white paper my son put glue all over it. Than there was a ton of tissue paper that we covered the white piece of paper with. Then we let the tissue paper dry from the glue. After letting it dry we used the paint that they supplied and painted a snowman with a top hat. He really like this activity although the only thing that was bad was his impatiences. 

I would highly recommend this for your children. This is a pre made box that is very affordable. It also come with  QBB3-YBY4M5-Y89T per-packaged materials and you do not need to go out and purchase any materials at the store. You can find more information at

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