Saturday, December 29, 2012

Climb on Lotion Bar

I have been having trouble with my eczema on my ankle and have been trying to find a product that will help. I have found a great company that have a variety of products such as Climb on Lotion, Climb on Creme, Climb On Lip Tube, Climb on Lotion Bar. I was able to review a sample of the Climb on Lotion Bar. I rubbed this Lotion Bar on my ankle where it is very dry and cracked. I was shocked with the results after applying it relieved the itch and burn. It also felt little bit smoother and moisturised. After a few times using this my skin on my ankle does not seem like an issue anymore which is nice. This lotion bar is great for dry spots because it is concentrated and you just need to rub it across the dry spot. I really like the smell of the lotion bar also. To me it seems like it has a lemon smell to it although I am not great in trying to figure out the right smell. I would recommend this product if you have damage and irritated skin. I know I have had this patch for awhile that has been irritated and nothing seem to help it at all until I tried Climb On lotion bar. There are so many product you can purchase if you want to find out more information on this product or other products you can visit them at

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