Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Cookie Bear From Build A Bear

  This year I am very excited to share with you this adorable Christmas Cookie Bear from Build A Bear with you. Also they have several other great holiday stuffed animals available also. I believe that Build A Bear has outdone their selves this Holiday season by bringing out best Limited Edition stuff animals this year. They brought out the Grinch, Rudolph, Clarice, Christmas Cookie Bear, Gingerbread Hello Kitty and Snowflake bear. Although I find myself saying that I only like Build A Bear because I have a two and four year old. I have a confession to make that I really like Build A Bear before my children where born. I even found myself to buy one before I had children. Just did not want to admit that. 

I think one of the main joys of Build A Bear is that you can go to their shop and chose a stuffed animal and bring him to life. You chose the one that you like, stuff it, give them a sound if you choose, put a heart in and make a wish, and give him a bath. That would be a great joy for any child to be able to make their first Build A Bear.

The bear that I received from Build A Bear was the Limited Edition Christmas Cookie Bear. The Christmas Cookie Bear also came with a vanilla scent sugar cookie. Which really smells like a sugar cookie which I thought was amazing. What I thought that was really creative that the Christmas Cookie Bear was a sugar cookie color and sprinkled with red and green sprinkled all over her body. When I received this holiday bear she came fully accessorized. She came with a red and white striped bow, a candy cane tulle skirt outfit with the top that had sweet on it, also came with right and white stripped shoes.
What are you waiting for? Go to your local Build A Bear and grab these great friends before it is to late. They are great quality and very soft great for just about anyone. Build A Bear has many animals to chose from not just the holiday collection but their every day collection also. You can go to their store and enjoy the experience or you can buy them online. Also remember to join up for their emails to get great coupons and deals. Also they have a Stuff for Stuff program where you can earn points and trade it in for free stuff. If you want to visit their amazing site please visit them here.

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