Monday, December 3, 2012


I always have trouble with my lips chapping during the colder weather. I am always looking for new products for my lips. Although winter weather is not the only reason in getting chapped lips. I found a great product that helped prevent chapped lips and that is ChopSaver. 

I really enjoy this product and it really helps my chapped lips and make them feel moisturized. I also like that they are made from natural ingredients and they are gluten free. I usually have the problem that chap stick actually dry my lips out more then actually helping them. What I found very interesting is that it made from herbs. Which was very interesting to me. I received two ChopSavers and they were the Gold and Original. I really enjoy both of them very much. I recommend them to everyone. What I really like about these is you do not find often when you put it on it feels great. It does not feel waxy or greasy feeling and that is great. Also when I put it on I did not have to keep re-applying and applying which was absolutely great. This would also make a great stocking stuffer also. You can find these great products at 

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