Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cangles Review

I always like finding new sites and creative gift for the holidays. I came across a great unique shop called Cangles. Cangles jewelry is based on recycled jewerly. I want to share a little background on Cangles and their story. 

In 2009 they took a drive as a family and discussing how heart breaking it was to go to their old neighborhoods that he lived for three generations and see how worn down it has become. What were once thriving neighborhoods now the neighborhoods are become poverty level. Their is also business that are boarded up

During their trip they came up with the idea of creating bangles by recycling cans that where throw away due to carelessness. By them collecting the cans it helps them clean up the environment. From doing this they where making gorgeous fashion accessories for us to wear. With enough sales from the jewelry the could hire some indindividuals that needed jobs. They chose the name Cangle from Can and Bangle and put it to Cangle. 

 There are not enough words to describe the company and the people who contribute to this company. Not enough kind words can be said. This company touches home for me because they where talking about a part of Michigan and I also live in Michigan. For one I admire what they are doing they are cleaning up our environment and making art out of it. Also they have provided jobs for people who really needed jobs. Also they donate to chairities from their sales. What else can I say? I am truly lost for words on how they make a difference. We need more business like this.

I was very lucky to be able to review their beautiful jewlry that they made from recycled cans. Let me tell you they are absolutely beautiful. When I received the box with the bracelet and hair clip I was very excited. When I open the box I took out the bracelet first. I was lost for words on how beautiful it was. It was very beautiful crafted the band has a beautiful color to it. Then there is a flower on top made from the recycled can. In the middle their is a little gem to make the final touch. Also I received a clip for your hair. This was absolutely beautiful. There was a flower made from another recycled can and attached to the clip. These are amazing pieces of art. I was very lucky that they agreed to share this with me. 

 If you are looking for something creative for the holidays please consider Cangles. They are just wonderful and words can not describe their art. They help a community and also bring wonderful product. Please share these wonderful pieces of jewerly with your family over the holidays.

Check their amazing work at  


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