Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blue Apple Review

Recently I have been seeing these little blue apples and I had no clue what they where used for. I was intrigued so I had to find out. I found them at the website www.theblueapple.com What you do with these blue apples is toss them in with your produce in your fridge and they are supposed to prolong the life of your produce. Yea right you say I was also skeptical at first. I really wanted to try these and see if they truly worked. I just did not see how they could possibly  work. I took this statement on how it exactly works from their website-

"Ethylene gas is given off by all living plants, especially by fruits, vegetables and flowers, and acts as a chemical signal to speed up the ripening process.  The release of this gas is thought to be a mechanism by which plants promote uniform ripening or opening, etc.   In nature, the uniformity of these events attracts the maximum number of pollinators or seed disseminators, such as birds and insects. At home, however, when you store your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, ethylene gas builds up. As a result the ripening process is accelerated too quickly.   This is a major reason we all throw out so much spoiled produce!"
So the true test was to see if actually worked. I filled my drawer up with produce. I put the two blue apples in my produce drawer and see if it would work. I actually noticed that my Banana's ripe way to fast and they do not last only 3-4 days with this one it lasted longer and we actually did not have to wait any. They are a great feature and I would definitely recommend these.

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