Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bammco Find Me If You Can

My children love books and if they could look at books all day they would. I came across a wonderful site that make a wonderful book called Find Me If You Can. This is a great unique book and would make a wonderful Christmas present for your children. Bammco creates a special book for your child. Where they take a head shot of your child and post that picture with a lot of other of other photos. This will let your child try and find their picture on each page. There are thirty fun pages to find your child picture on each one. I was able to review one of their Find Me If You Can Books. My children took to this book right away. When I first received this book I thought my two year old would have a hard time finding her picture. I looked at the book with her at first and she was able to find her picture before I was able to. Which I enjoyed that because she had a lot of fun finding her picture on the pages. What I also like not one page is the same. My son also had a great time and he looks at this book several times a day and tries to find both of them. It a great book and it fun to look together. Although I start remembering where there photos are. It seems like they have not remembered yet which is nice. If your child likes books I would recommend this book. I know there are other books similar but what I like about this one is that they know what they look like. To me it seems like it would be a lot easier to find a picture of them. Great present to find more information you can check their website at


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