Sunday, December 9, 2012

Annmarie Skin products Review

 Everyone wants their skin to be great for the holiday season due to all the holiday parties that you attend. As you know I am a mother of two wonderful children and I do not always have the time to take care of my skin. I always look for the best products and I am starting to realize I lean towards organic and natural skin care products. I came across the site Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Company that make wholesome natural and organic skin care products. This company was founded by Annmarie Gianni. She was wondering what was in her skin care products and she begun research and was shocked in what she found. She found that there where a lot ingredients that where not healthy for your skin and there where some harmful ingredients that she found that where in organic products. The frusteration that was created made her determined to find a better solution. Annmarie Gianni created her own like that provided clean and natural skin care. The products contain natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients
I was able to review a bag of sample products of her products. When I received these products they came in a beatiful little bag to keep them in. The products that I received to try where Coconut Body Oil, Aloe Herb Cleanser, Dead Sea Facial Scrub, Coconut Honey Mask, Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser, Neroli Toning Mist, Rosemary Toning Mist, Herbal Facial Oil, Anti Aging Facial Oil and Anti Aging Serum. 

What my thought on the sample set is that I absolutely fell in love with the products.  My favorite scrub out of all the scrubs were the Dead Sea Facial Scrub. The Dead Sea Facial is gritty and thick although it spread on your skin very nicely. This felt great and made my skin feel so great when I washed it off. It felt tingly exfoliate but made my skin feel so soft afterwards which I like.

When it came it the cleansers I like the mmajority of them. They where a lot better than any other product that I have tried so far. I like the Aloe herb clenser and the Citrus Mint. The smell great and fell in love with their smell. I have dry skin due to eczema and after using these products my skin has felt great and just in time for the holidays. 

Then also what came in the samplers is the toning mist that you spray after the cleansers. They go great with them. My favorite one was the orange blossom and smelled just wonderful. This would make great holiday presents for your loved one for the holiday and make great stocking stuffers.

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