Friday, November 16, 2012

ZIPZ Shoes

Zipz Shoes are very interesting kind of shoe. They are a shoe that is interchangeable shoe. I have never heard anything like this. I was not a believer of this kind of shoe and thought there was no way these would work or be comfortable. But boy let me tell you I was wrong. These Zipz Shoes you can choose different soles and covers to make the kind of shoe that you would like. What I thought was very interesting is that you can buy different colors and change your shoe daily. These shoes come in youth, men and women, they also come in hi tops and low tops.

 I got to review a pair of Zipz Shoes and I choose the floral print. I was not a believer at first until they came in the other day. When I open the box i was shocked on how beautiful they where. They where packaged great. So the next step was trying them on and seeing if they fit and how they felt. Let me tell you they fit just right and they where very comfortable and I was so excited. You can wear these anywhere. When the sole wears out just buy a new sole or vise versa. They are easy to unzip and change if you want to that. I had no issues with changing them. These would be great gifts for children or teens for presents keep this option open.

If you would like more information you can check them out here

or you can buy them at 

I am also aloud to give a pair away to our readers but this is for US only. the winner will get 1 pair of their choice from our current look book and must be a resident of the USA. 

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  1. these shoes are soo awsome i hope i win them

  2. These shoes will make the great gift that anyone could imagine for someone thats suck in the hospital! I have heard about these; I dont have a lot but what I do have is shared with those around me!

  3. I would love to win a pair of these!

  4. These shoes are odd. I'd have to see how comfortable they are.

  5. I love the Ruby Heatz Hi-Tops and the Flamez lo-tops!!

  6. The perfect solution to my needs

  7. I love the pink argyle (although I didn't see them on the site) and the ruby heartz designs the best. Thanks for the fab giveaway!!!

    Brenda Wood

  8. These shoes are awesome would love to win a pair of them


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