Friday, November 23, 2012

Wonder Forge Games

My children absolutely love to play games. As you know I have a two and four year old at home. The children and I have routine usually it is Friday or Saturday where we watch movies and eat popcorn and then play family games. My children have so much fun playing games and it brings us together and helps us create a better family bond.

I was very excited that I was able to review Wonder Forge newest games just in time for the holidays. The first game that I reviewed was Joker Funhouse game. My son absolutely loves Batman that is his favorite of all superheros. He was very excited when he saw this game and could not wait to play it. In this game the Joker is the bad guy and the superheros need to stop him. This game promotes teamwork instead of trying to compete to win. You need to work as a team to stop the Joker. All the superfriends in the game need to cross the finish line to order to win they need to all beat the Joker. This helps children build shape identification and puzzle building, build their motor skills, sorting and matching which is great that it is more educational to it. The game includes 1 board game, 1 ramp, 5 movers, 5 mover bases, 1 ball, 1 batman launcher, 1 dart, 1 green lantern net, 1 superman mask, 20 cards, 2 spinners, and rule manual. This game would be perfect if your little one if they love super heroes it also a lot of fun. I even will admit I enjoyed playing it with my son.

The second game that I got to review was the Dazzling Princess Game from Wonder Forge. This is a great game for little girls who like to dress up as a little princess. I would of loved this game when I was little because I loved all the princess Disney movies. My son and I played this game together although instead of dressing him self up he dressed his sister up with the princess items. This game is a very easy game to play and geared to if you like Disney movies. When you play this game every player get a tiara, bracelet and a ring at the beginning of the game. This game also contains a box filled with cards. The cards are different they either have a character, scene or symbol from one of the Disney Princess movie on the card. You have to guess which movies that card represents. If you do not know the answer and need to know the answer there is a little red heart decoder that you can use on the back of the card to reveal the answer. If you are correct you are rewarded a gem to add to your tiara, bracelet or ring. My children got a great kick out of this game and they played through the whole game and did not want to quit. They have fun talking about the movies and trying to think of the correct movie. They also like to play with the red decoder.  If you are the first person to fill your tiara, bracelet, and ring up you win the game. I think this game would be great for the holidays with the little girl that can play together and keep them occupied. I also think this would be great for birthday party or even sleepovers. Great and fun game.

The third game that I got to review was the Cupcake Game. This was a very interesting one and fun. You can also play this game on your own if your child does not have anyone else to play with. I enjoy this game because it brings your children's imagination out. You can play this game for game play or creative play which my children like to do both. My son loves to play by himself and this game he can do this. How you play the game is you have a stack of cards. You start to turn the cards over and you try to get the mix, bake, decorate cards turned up first before the clock card turns up. If you turn up four clock cards before the other ones the game ends. Once you get the cards turned up you turn over a recipe card. Than you turn over the timer and everyone works together and try make as many cupcakes they can before the timer runs out. My kids love this game. Although we do not use the timer we kind of took that out. They are two small to understand the timer and they get frusterated with the timer. I know when they get a little older I will bring the timer in the game but for now they enjoy it without and they love this game and it is one of their favorites! This would be great for any child. Younger kids can have fun with it and older kids can compete with it.

 The fourth game that I got to review was the Dr. Seuss What's in the Cat's Hat? game. This game was a lot of fun with my son and it brought out his critical thinking skills. How you play this game is one player secretly hides something in the hat. The other players will need to guess what is in the hat. When we first played this game I put one of his blocks in the hat. Then he started asking me questions about what was in the hat. After asking you wold give clues to help discover what was in the hat. This is a great game for children and you do not realize that they are using memory, deductive reason, creativity, answering question accurately. What comes in the game is the hat and 33 cards.

The fifth game I got to review is Who Shook the Hook Game. This game my son and I played it. There should be 2 or more players while playing this game. This game was a lot of fun. You put Captain Hook in the hammock and he is snoozing. He is surround by all the treasure he took from Jake and his friends. How you play this game is you spin the spinner that will tell you what your challenge is. Then you use either the sword, shovel, or fishing pole to try and retrieve one of the treasures. It is not as easy as it seems you have to be very careful or if your not hook falls in the water below and game is over. This was a lot of and it took us awhile to get the hang of it at first. Hook went into the water many times but then we got the hang of it. This wold make a great game for Christmas.

The last game that I got to review was Never Land Challenge. This was a great game for my son because I like to keep him on his toes and moving. This game is a lot of fun and very creative. During this game you crawl, tiptoe and jump through the vine that you set up. By doing task that you draw you ear gold doubloons. Your goal is to ear more coins that Captain Hook. If you do this you this than you win. This is a great game to get your child to move and learn how to do different skills. I had a great time just watching my son try these task. 

These where great family games and I enjoyed having family time with my kids. These are great quality games and all the pieces seem to be great quality. These would make great gift underneath the tree and stocking stuffers.

If you want to find these amazing games make sure you visit your local toys r us or you can find them on Amazon.

You can check their other games out on their website at

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