Friday, November 2, 2012

Thera Pearl Review

After having my son I endured chronic lower back pain due to complications of child birth. I have been looking for a product that could help the discomfort. I came across the site I became intrigued with the site and found many different products they had available. Some of their product they have available are eye masks, sport packs, knee packs, back wraps, face mask, kid pals and more. Out of these products I picked out the back wrap to try and I also picked out the kid pals for my children.

Starting off with the Back wrap. I can tell you this is much better than a heating pad. When I used my heating pad I could not get the pad where I needed it to go. With Thera Pearl back wrap they have three packs that can cover your whole back. and it also has a Velcro belt. I have tried the back wrap when I get up in the morning. I put it in the microwave and heat it up and apply it to my back. Let me tell you this has helped my chronic back  pain  and it is way more comfortable. Also I am looking forward to using it as a ice pack where you can freeze it in your freezer.  If there are any men reading this. Please skip this part. Women when you have your monthly visit this wrap can help with cramping. This wrap can cover a lot of area and you can feel relieved. Ok men it is ok to read again.

Here are the Kid Pals. I would recommend these if you have children. My son has not been feeling good for the past few days and has been running a fever. When I received this Pal I decided to put in the freezer right away in case I needed to use it. When you have a 4 year old and a 2 year old they are very unpredictable. I used this cute little pack for my son forehead when he was running a fever. He usually never lets me put anything on his head. He really loved the Panda Bear. It does also have the Thera Pearls in them so you can either use them as a cold pack or a heat pack. They are very cute and kid friendly. These also can be use for sprains, bruises, cuts, fever and even more.

 I have really enjoyed finding Thera Pearl and I would recommend them for if you have chronic pain. If you are looking to replace your heating pad you may want to look into Thera Pearl and there products. Plus Thera Pearl also has special products for certain areas.  Thank you Thera Pearl for letting me review a couple of your products.

 Here is information for Thera Pearl where you can find them and check out there amazing products.

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