Friday, November 2, 2012

Teething Bling

Here is a Picture of a fabulous necklace that I absolutely love. I love these teething necklace. Yes I said it these are for baby's to chew on. When I saw these I thought right away that these would be great gifts for expectant mothers or mothers who have teething children. I remember when my son was a baby he loved to chew my shirts and it drove me nuts because when we where out my shirts where always have wet marks on them. I also always loved to wear necklaces but opted out on that a lot due to him grabbing them all the time. With Teething Bling they are giving you and option to wear styling necklaces and guess what mothers it is ok if your baby chews on it. That what it is meant for. How great is that? Teething Bling is an original and you are not going to find it anywhere else. I know what you guys are thinking. How safe is this Teething Bling? I want to let you know that the Teething Bling Necklace is made from the same FDA-approved material as most of the teething toys are.Also these products are non-toxic, phthalate,BPA, PVC, latex and lead free. Plus all pendants come with a breakaway clasp for safety measures.So Mom's they are absolute safe and stylish. We tried this necklace on my best friends baby. She put on the necklace and not even minutes later her little one gravitated towards the necklace. He put it straight into his mouth and started chewing. He seemed to really like it and did not bother him at all. I would highly recommend these for mothers of teething children. These are very stylish and now you can go out and wear jewelry that looks like really jewelry and your baby can also chew on.

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