Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Here is a little background on Tatutina Inc. that I found interesting. Tatutina Inc started in 1979 inside of their basement. Barbara Ottmar is the founder of Tatutina and started hand painting her creations on childrens t shirt, sweatshirts and other clothing items. After several years passed they decided to open a small retail store for their different creations that they have made. Tatutina is now a mother daughter company. I really like that.

 I was very lucky and I got to review a bookend set from Tatutina. Tatutina has a variety of creative hand made creations such as bookends, abc wooden letters, baby gifts, jewelry boxes, kids art canvas, kids everyday medals, prints and greeting cards, recycle box, take out menu boxes and recipe boxes. I know my children love story time and they have a lot of books. I started to get frusterated when I went into their room and I could not find a certain book. Usually when I went in there the books where just stacked and not organized. When I came across their bookends I thoght this would be a great gift and great organizer for their books. I feel in love with these when they arrived and they are better in person.  I really love the colors  and they are bright. This will go great in my son room and he loves space ships. I would say that are very well put together and the paint job is just beyond wonderful!! I know i have tried things like this before and I always get smears or smudges. These are very smooth and colors look great. No smudges, bump, no flaws at all. This would make a great present for the holidays. How can you go wrong with their jewelry box for the special little girl that is in your life. Great present for Christmas. There bright wonderful colors, great quality and great customer service.

You can find these wonderful creations at Tatutina

or fine their facebook at

They are also going to let an amazing fan win one of these spaceship bookend creations showed in the picture enter below

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  1. Books are that of what expands a child's imagination! This would be a great gift for a relative that always has dreamed to reach the stars!


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