Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today I received several samples from TATCHA today. I will go through each sample and tell you about them and my opinion.

The first sample that I got was TATCHA polished deep rise enzyme powder deep. This is a water activated powder to cream face polish for gleaming, beautiful skin with complexion clarifying the dokudami extract. I put a little bit on one part of my face to compare it with the other samples. I wet my hands and rubbed the mixture together and applied to my face. They where correct about the aftermath on making your skin very soft. I really liked this one a lot.

The second sample was TATCHA polished gentle rice enzyme powder gentle. This is a water-activated, powder to cream face polish for glmeaing, beautiful skin with calming licorice root extract. I wet my hands and put a little bit on my hand and massaged it on another part of my skin it felt very nice and very soft skin afterwards. I really could not tell a difference between the first and second sample.

TATCHA classic rice enzyme powder- a water activated powder to cream face polish for gleaming, beautiful skin with conditioning pear extract. I also tested this on my skin and after putting it on it also felt a little less smooth then the other ones. But it also felt smooth.

TATCHA pure one step camellia cleansing oil- A beautiful blend of botanical oils that melts away makeup for petal fresh skin. I tested this buy putting on make up on my face to see how well it took off make and waterproof mascara. Let me tell you it came off right away with no issues. I really like this product and would use it in the future. Really enjoyed this product.

TATCHA moisture rich silk cream- a luxurious, weightless, anti-aging cream rich in anti-oxidants and moisture keeping activities for supple silken skin. I really like this moisture cream i rubbed it on my arms and it feel really smooth. It smoothed on really nice and did not clump and rubbed in very easily. It soaked in and it was very nice. It left a very smooth silky feeling afterwards.

I really enjoyed trying these samples. These where samples sizes and a one time use.

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