Monday, November 12, 2012

Swiss Tech Review

Swiss Tech is a great place to find a lot of great gadgets. I know ladies out their if you are looking for something for your husband or another family member something for Christmas this would be a great place to look. 

I got to try several products from Swiss tech which the first product that I got to test and review it the versatile new Bodygard purse light and alarm. This is a great accessory for women when they go out at night. If you are out alone at night and your going back to your car and your keys are in your purse and you can not find them the Bodygard can come in handy. It has a light so you can use it to find your keys pretty easy. This will take less time to find and you can get in your car faster. Also it has alarm so if something is happening it will grab others attention that are near by. This Bodygard includes white bright light, personal alarm, clip, lanyard and replaceable batteries. This product has a lifetime warranty. This would be great for women and girls to have. This can help prevent attacks on women and help keep them safe in situations. Sometimes we just need a light to help us find something quick.

The second item that I got to review is the Micro Light Smartphone Stand. This is a tool for you to keep on your key ring. This is handy for a flashlight and a stand for your smartphone. I know sometimes when I put something on my key chain it is hard to get it off when I put it on. This is not the case it is easy to take off and on. I could not test this on a smart phone because i did not have one to test.. But you flip open the arm and you can place the phone on the stand. This can help you for a video session. I would invest in getting one of these if you have a smart phone it a great accessory to have and you can bring it with you anywhere you go. Just attach it to your key ring.

The last product that I got to review was The Smart Clip. This was my favorite product because I gave this to my father and he absolutely loved it. He carries it with him when he is at work and where ever he goes. This would be a great present to get your father, husband or another fellow in your life. This is a product that has several products into one which is great for the go. It has a nail clipper, precision ground nail file, nail cleaner,flash light, scissors, flat screwdriver. My father put it on his key chain the other day when we recieved it to review. I do not know how many time he has used it at work and at home. It is very easy to use and it works very smoothly. Great Christmas or stocking stuffer.

There are so many more great products at Swiss Tech you can find many great stocking stuffer/Christmas gift there. They are also reasonable prices!!

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