Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Squaredy Cats

I was introduced to Squaredy Cats a few weeks ago and I was intrigued by these interesting stuffed animals. I did not really know anything about them until I was given a chance to review on of these Squaredy Cats. Before I tell you my opinion and what I think about them I am going to give you some background information about Squaredy Cats.

There are a variety of different Squaredy Cats and each one has it's own theme. These unique Squaredy Cats play off the phrase "Scaredy cat". They could not be called that due to these stuffed animal cats are shaped in a square. Each Squaredy Cat has it own personality for example I received GiGi and she's not squared to dance. The first series of Squaredy cats where released in March 2011 and they where Midnight, Candie, Giggles, Tiger Lily, Shimmer, Cheeri, Honey and GiGi. The second series was released in October 2011. Midnight, Candie, Giggles, and Tiger Lily returned. The new ones where Pearl, Scarlett, Star and Sandy. In February 2012 they released their newest Squaredy Cats out and they where Dazzle, Coolette, and Zanie.

These Squaredy Cats where invented by husband and wife team Kurt Marquart and Elaine de la Mata. They created Squaredy Cats together and introduced Squaredy Cats to the world. 

I was lucky and I was able to review one of they Squaredy Cat. I want to start off when I received this package the first thing that I noticed that there was a picture of the Squaredy Cat on the package. That was very neat and I enjoyed that. When I opened the package I was very excited and the presentation was very nice. There was three different colors of tissue paper in the package around the Squaredy Cat. There was also a button, cards, post cards and stickers. That was a very nice surprise. I received GiGi the squaredy Cat and she is not squared to dance. This is a great fit for my daughter because she loves purple and she loves to dance but sometimes gets to shy. This will make a great Christmas gift for your children. This product is great quality and very durable. I love the facial expression of the cat and GiGi has a lot of detail. I would recommend this for Christmas and would make a great stocking stuffer!!

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