Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snuggle Time

Snuggle time is a wonderful company. I am very glad I came across snuggle time they make great accessory for your pillow pets. Here is a little bit of information that she shared with me that I just have to share with you. Vickie who is the owner of Snuggle time her husband came up the idea of Petjamas. How he came up with the idea of Petjamas is that he saw how dirty his nieces Pillow Pet become after the trip to the beach. You can just imagine how dirty they can get going to all different places. They would not go to bed without them so he wanted to come up with a way that they could sleep with the pillow pets but allow them to be able to sleep on a clean surface. That is how he came up with Petjamas.  The idea for Snugglebags came from their love for sleepovers when they where kids.

I was able to review a blue petjamas and snugglebag for my sons dinosaur pillow pet and also i got to review a pink petjamas and snugglebad for my daughter's unicorn pillow pet. These are very creative and a great idea. My daughter love this and gets very excited over the sleeping bag. Sometimes we have to take trip to the hospital and the doctors office and she always wants to bring her pillow pet and I am always afraid to get her pillow pet dirty there. She always wants to bring her pillow pet everywhere. What I love about these petjamas is that it breaks the barrier of germs and give the child a clean surface. If something gets on the petjamas it would be easier to clean then throwing the whole pillow pet in the washer and you have the chance of ruining it. Now I will feel more comfortable having her pillow pet go to the hospital with her so i know when i come home I can put in the wash and it will be fine for the next use! 

The sleeping bag my son got a kick out of. If you know us my son loves to sleep in a sleeping bag sometimes because he thinks he camping. Since it is cold out he camps in his room. The joy of having a four year old. He was so excited when the sleeping bag came for his pillow pet. He now camps out with his pillowpet and the joy that it brings him. One night he had his sister and him get their pillowpets in their sleeping bags and had a camping sleep over!!

This is a great Christmas present for you little ones. This will help them maintain their pillow pets. I know a lot family's travel for the holidays and this would be a great product to have before traveling. This will keep your pilllow pet clean and if there a mess just throw it in the washer. I would highly recommend this product and they are very durable and great quaility!!

You can find their website at Snuggle Time

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