Friday, November 16, 2012

Simone France Skincare

I love bath product and I love to pamper myself on weekends. I love my lotions, bath scrub and most of all bath salts. Who does not right. I would say this would make a great Christmas present for the holidays or great stocking stuffer.  I came across the site Simone France and I was lucky to be able to review several product from their store.

The first product that I got to try from Simone France was their Body Glow lotion. This lotion is a great lotion that soaks deep down into your skin and hydrates your skin. If you have dry skin, eczema, or do not like strong scents this is a great product for you. This product has a bevy of anti-oxidants and all natural ingredients that moisturize your skin. I liked this lotion and it leaved my skin soft and smooth. When I put the lotion on it was very easy to rub in the skin and it did not take a lot get it rubbed in the skin. Which I love and there was no clumping of the lotion. Here was a fact that I agree with and thought was interesting that I found on their site. They unique combination of all natural ingredients in Body Glow combine to moisturize all layers of the skin, so the skin on your body is just as fresh and glowing as the skin on your face. I definitely agree with that statement. This product should be used after showering but does not need to be.

The second product that I got to review and try is Simone France AHHHHH Bath Salts. Here are a few facts about AHHH Bath Salts. Majority of the bath salts out there are made out of 80 percent of sodium, but AHHH Bath Salts have less sodium and several important minerals in them. Ahhh Bath Salts contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromides and sodium. When I received these products I had to take a bath asap. I put about 1/4 cup in my bath water like it recommended. It also has the great smell to the bath salts. Let me tell you ladies if you like salts in your bath you honestly need to look more into these salts. My skin felt so great after my bath. I noticed that it recommend 1/4 cup and I agree with that amount. Ladies this would make a great present or a great spoiler gift for yourself. 

The third product that I got to review from Simone France was their Body Buff. I know that I have not heard of body buff before. The Body Buff has a great smell to it. It kind of reminds me of a lemon smell to it. The Body Buff reminds me a scrub and it has kind of a gritty feeling to it. Body Bluff is a exfoliating sugar scrub with organic skin-soothing moisturizes. By using Body bluff helps you have younger looking skin. Their is one important factor that is you want to use a certain amount of this product and you do not want to use to much. When I tried this in the shower it did not leave a residue after using which was great. It help exfoliate my skin and my skin feel fresher and feels a lot better. This is a great amazing product and I recommend this to other women. I usually do not like scrubs like this but this is not like any other one I have tried so far.

Simone France is a great line of products that i am very lucky I got to try. I will say that I loved all of them and they are on my top list. I would recommend these products for any lady that wants to pamper her self. Husbands this would be a great gift for your wives for the holidays or great presents for other family members.

You can find this product at

I also used their photos due to my photos did not turn out and I wanted to use decent photos.

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