Thursday, November 29, 2012


The line of Terri Michele Fragrances is the inspiration of Michele Kaplan. Michele Kaplan had a very sensitive nose when it came to perfumes. She found a signature scent which is light and clean, yet lasting and was an ever present challenge in a sea of similar, trendy fragrance. 
This was a great perfume and I enjoyed the smell of Shenandoah. I received a two week worth of samples to try. When the samples arrived they came in little boxes and they where very pretty. I really loved how they where packaged. I really enjoyed the smell and I have received a lot of complements while wearing it. I also like how the perfume was a long lasting and did not fade right away. You do not have to re apply after a few hours which is nice. It is not a over powering fragrance which is great for me sometimes it overpowers me. Also I am also very happy that it also does not irritate my skin sometimes that happens with perfumes and this one does not. Which is great. They also have this fragrance in perfume, lotion and candles. this would make a great Christmas present for your mother, girlfriend, or wife. 

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