Monday, November 19, 2012

Shape Scapes

Every year I try to find that special gift for the kids. I do not always like to get the generic toys because I believe it does not always bring out creativity. Sometimes I think we do not embrace things that are different and we should. I came across a very unique site call Shapes Scapes. Shapes Scapes where created by sculptor Peter Mayor. He created this simple toy that stimulates a children mind and brings out their creativity. With this creative toy there are 90 colorful pieces in this set. 

When I first showed my son this Shapes Scapes he asked me what it is and he was a bit confused. I explained to him that he could take out the piesces and build with them. After those words he took them over to the table and he took them out and spent majority of the day taking them apart and putting them together. I wanted to take pictures of things he was making but he decided to tell me I was ruining his concentration. This toy is amazing way to bring out a child's creativity there is no wrong way playing with this toy. It did come with instructions how to build certain items like a boat and a car. Although you do not have to make those. When I decided to go back to college and I decided to study my degree in Early Childhood Development. We learned how we need to introduce different kids to help them learn and bring out creativity and spark their imagination. This is definitively a toy out of the box but I strongly recommend this toy for Christmas. 

I would say this would be a number one gift for Christmas for your children. Let them play for hours making creations and letting their imagination run wild. This set is very afordable and will bring a lot of fun. You can find more about this set and where to buy it at.

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