Monday, November 5, 2012

Rockin Green

Rockin Green is a eco friendly laundry detergent. When I came across Rockin Green site I knew that I had to try this. With Emily breaking out with a lot of other detergents I wanted to try something different. Rockin Green has three different formulas and they are Classic Rock, Hard rock,Soft Rock and Funk Rock. I received three sample packs of Rockin Green Hard rock. The different scents are Mostly Clean, Lavender Mint Revival and Smashing Watermelons. They all smell similar to their descriptions. Where I am not very good on describing smells. I really enjoyed them. I would say that my favorite one was Smashing Watermelon. I really liked this detergent it seems better than the other detergents that i have been using. It seemed to mix well in the water and dissolve. I know that sounds odd but one time I had detergent that was not liquid and it did not dissolve right. When i took my clothes out they smelled very nice leaving a pleasant smell and put them in the dryer. I like how they did not have a soapy feeling after taking them out and I only had to use the rinse cycle once sometimes i have to do it twice with certain detergents. When my daughter put her clothes on she did not itch nor break out to Rockin Green and I was very impressed. I would recommend this if you can not find a laundry detergent that is right for your skin. I have saved the rest and using it particular for her due to her breaking out. If you want to find Rockin Green you can find them on their website or facebook

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