Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Power Capes

I have a four year old boy who loves batman. He loves to pretend to be a superhero almost every day. He creates different things to try and create a super cape. I came across the website that specialized in making superhero capes and that site is called Power Capes. This has everything that you can even imagine. It has mask, superhero capes, custom super hero capes, gloves and more. 

I was lucky and got to review one of their custom super hero capes. I actually went on their website and went through the order process. Which I went to make a custom super hero cape. It was very easy to find and create. I like how they had the steps where you could pick the size and it showed the sizes. You clicked on which size you wanted. Then hit next and then you chose color of the cape. Than chose what symbol you wanted on the cape and color. Then you got to chose if you wanted a letter on that symbol or not. Very easy steps and showed all options. Than I went through the order process and check out and it was very easy and no issues. The site was very easy to use. Then the cape arrived in great timing it was about 3 days.

When I received the cape today it was more than I expected. It was great material which wont snag or rip. Then the colors where great colors not washed at all. The colors that i chose to go together went very well together. Not one color stood out more than the other. I really liked how I chose the letter J and it even had a sparkle to it. I know this is going to make a little boys dream come true on Christmas day. He always wanted his own super hero cape. Now he has one just for him and personalized!!. If you have a child and he love super hero's I would think about getting a special cape for that special someone. 

 You can find their website at  http://powercapes.com/

You can find their facebook page at

And we get to giveaway one superhero cape vaule 29.99

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