Saturday, November 10, 2012

Play Clay Factory

Play Clay Factory is very creative and an original. Play Clay Factory is 2012 National award winner of creative play. My four year old is in the state of play dough. There are days that he will spend hours at the table playing with it. Our issue with play dough is that it starts to fall apart after a certain time. It gets dried out and flaky and that why I am trying to find something better out there for him. I came across the site Play Clay Factory and I was very intrigued. I noticed one statement on their site and that was no more play dough nightmares.

I knew I had to try and review this product. When I received this product it was nicely pack and in a great storage container. It had a roller in the kid two rolls of play dough and cookie cutters i call them to make shapes. My son was very excited to try the kit out. He had a lot of fun playing and playing with the play dough. Everything they say on there site is true. He has been playing with this kit for the past couple days and it does not flake. You do not know how much I like that because my little guy does not complain. It stayed soft and did not fall apart on him which was nice. this play dough does not stain and come out of carpet. Which is great when you have a two year old and a four year old. My two year old loves to sneak play dough in the living room and that becomes and issue. The first thing we noticed that the play dough has nice smelling scents to them. There are several scents and they are Cherry Berry, Pineapple Punch, Orange Sherbert, Pink Lemonade, Grape Bubble Gum, Blueberry Blast, and Sour Green Apple. My son really loved the smells and his quote that is AWESOME.

 If you where considering getting play dough this year. I would have you consider Play Clay Factory. 
When you buy your little one play dough this year for Christmas I know you will want to get your little one the best product their is. So far this is one of the best play doughs there are.

Check out their website at

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