Friday, November 30, 2012


 I was very excited to be able to review the Perplexus game for the holidays. My original intent was to give this to my son for Christmas. Well that plan did not work at all. It seems like this game in my household is not a one person game it a household game that everyone seems to want to play. What is a Perplexus you ask? Perplexus is a 3D Original Maze that has different mazes that you can try. This game is recommended for ages 6 and up but my four year old is pretty good at it and he seems to enjoy it a lot. 

I first want to say what I like about the Perplexus is that you can not lose any parts to this game. Sometimes that is an issue with my four year old. I can let him play with this toy unattended and it will keep him occupied and I do not have to worry about him misplacing pieces to the game. Another great plus to this is game is when you are traveling in the care it would be a great game for the ride. It can be transported really easy with no issues. I actually had take a small trip that as a little bit over and hour and sometimes that can be a nightmare. Thank you to the Perplexus it kept my son occupied during the trip.
I know everyone in my household has played this game and tried to complete the maze. Even my father who hates all games so he says even picked this one up and tried. It tends to be addicting at times. I found the maze to be hard at first and with practice and keep trying it seemed to come easy to me. Although you do not want something that is going to just be easy and not challenging at all.

The only two negative things about the Perplexus is this game is not for sharing and it is addicting. Once you pick this game up you lose track of time. You do not want to put it down because you want to keep getting further and further. I find myself at time watching my son and I want to try and he wont let me. Which this makes a great toy and so far we have not lost interest in this toy.

This would make a great toy for the holidays. I would recommend this gift to anyone. This game would be a great game at a holiday party and seeing who can get the furthest. You can find this toy at and follow them on

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