Friday, November 2, 2012

Patch Buddies Review



What are Patch Buddies? When I came across this site I kept asking my self what is a Patch Buddy. I was very intrigued so I decided that I was going to find out. Bubele's Patch Buddies are very unique cute stuffed creatures that can fit into this custom backpack. I have never even thought that was possible. Bubele's Patch Buddies is a family based business that are rooted in strong values. When I read that on their site. I felt closer to the site because that is very important to me because you do not see that now a days to be honest. Their goal is to give kids and family's toys to bring them together and have fun. Which I will have to agree with that.

There are ten of these characters which are Bunny, Dog, Bear, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Mouse, Panda, Penguin, Pig, Bruno, Kevin Mayo, P Jay and Tony. When I first came to this site my mind was thinking this is very unusual and I never seen anything like it before. Than I instantly fell in love and thought about my son. I knew when he first saw this that he would not want to put it down and I would have a hard time getting it away from him to share with his sister. Usually on Friday nights we go out for dinner as our routine as a family. Now we have a new member that goes out to dinner with us. Which I love the backpack idea where Dog can fit right into. This is very easy for travel which makes it easier on me. I will be honest my son has the normal every day toys and I can tell you where they are tonight on the floor or put away. You want to know where the backpack and Dog are. In his bed tucked in with a separate blanket next to him. I would highly recommend this gift for Christmas this holiday season. This will be a unique gift that I will guarantee no one else will get them. So you will not have to worry about getting the same gift as someone else. But I guarantee the child will also  love it more than any other toy. Now I have to think about investing in another back-pack and another furry friend!!

Helpful hint if your are going to buy one and there is a sibling I highly recommend investing in two and not one. Helpful hint.

You can find these wonderful animals at 

or on their facebook page


  1. ALLL TOOO CUTE and sweet

  2. yah.. I dont think the mini me would get this, I'd want it for myself, Lol, Thanks for the tip to get more than just one.

  3. Those are are really cool & cute.Thanks for the review never seen these before.


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