Thursday, November 8, 2012

Orginal Sprout

 Original Sprout ( Worry-Free Luxury)

When it come to baby/toddler hair care product I usually tend to buy them at my local store. Recently I have been very disappointed with the product that they have available at them moment. Our problem is the tear free product are burning my daughters eyes even though they are tear free products. So it was my mission to find another product that I felt comfortable and safe to use on my daughter. I came acrossed the site Original Sprout and it struck my interest. Original Sprout makes beauty products that are free of many harmful chemicals that other beauty products contain. Original Sprout beauty products are Biodegradable which is very nice in my opinion. They are also 100 percent Vegetarian, also free of PhytoEstrogens, soy, parabens, gluten, dixoanes from sulfates, phthlates & formaldehyde and many other ingreidents. 

I was very lucky to be able to review the following products Natural Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Scrumptious Baby Cream, and Mircacle Detangler. I enjoyed and absolutely loved the different products. 

The Scrumptious Baby Cream- This cream is ultra gentle, biodegradable, gluten, soy and nano-particle free, E.U. and prop 65 certified ingredients. This product is used for face and body. Also great for dry and sensitive or delicate skin and also help repel and protects with organic rosemary. First when I used this product after my daughters bath. I noticed when i squeezed a little bit of lotion out it went a long way. When I rubbed the baby cream on her skin it went right into her skin and not leaving a greasy feeling. It soaked up well and left a gentle feeling. I really liked that because I hate the feeling of greasy cream. It had a great smell to it but it was not strong. I also do not like strong smells and this was just right. I would highly recommend this product for your baby, toddler and yourself. It was nice to find a great Baby Cream.

Natural Shampoo- This is a easy rinse, biodegradable, restores moisture,preserves color and strength, gluten, soy and nano-particle free, E.U. and prop 65 certified ingredients. This is for clean, healthy, conditioned hair and scalp. this is also is extra moisturizing, detangling and gentle for the eyes. When I used this product on my daughter i only had to use a little bit and it lathered nice and easy. I did not have to really try to get it to lather which was nice. It was easy to rinse out also. Very nice smelling shampoo. It also was great and my daughter let me rinse it out and a little got in her eyes and it seem not to bother her at all which was very nice. That was a real plus.

 The next product is the Deep Conditioner- this is also biodegradable, strengthens and moisturizes, repairs, detangles and protects, gentle on the eyes and easy rinse. It is for soft and frizz free hair and scalp. I enjoyed this product this was very easy to use and went in her hair nicely. Then I rinsed the product and it did not burn her eyes and there where no problems. It rinsed out and there was no residue left over which was nice. Great product.

 The last product that we tried was the Miracle detangler- this is anti lice, biodegradable, eliminates static, for wet or dry hair, protects and strengths, gluten, soy and nano-particle free, E.U. and prop 65 certified ingredients. This helps for effortless combing. I agree with that. My daughter has hair that tangles very easily and this product works great. I sprayed where she had tangles and the comb went right through and we had no issues. This product helped some pulls and tears. Which I absolutely love because she held still. I would recommend this product for all little ones.  

Overall I enjoyed reviewing and trying these products and I would recommend these products!! I would use them for my children and I feel safe using them for them. Knowing that these products are safe and do not have anything that is harmful in them.

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