Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Optari Review

Optari is a very creative site that i have found. They have a variety of different product avaiable on their site such as crossbodies, spikeletz notebooks, spikeletz pens, spikeletz bracelets, shoe fobbz, backpacks, sol totes, wristlets, mini fobbs, bling fobbs and big fobbs. They are very unique products which I think they would make great gift for kids. 

I was able to review three of their bracelets and each one was different colorful and time put in them. I really like the color patterns in them they match very well but also bold at the same time. I love how each beat is different and have other spike colors on them. They are very creative and the bracelets where a huge hit in my house!

This Christmas I found a great stocking stuffer for little girls. I know when my daughter saw these she just about died. She is almost three and let me tell you she has been wearing them non stop. She also even fell asleep wearing one.These are great little bracelets. I they have little spikes on them. Even my son had fun with them. These are very great, fun and creative. My concern was would they be strong enough and would they be durable. I have a 2 year old so that was the ultimate test. Let me tell you they passed the test. They did not break after a half hour. Which sometimes we have issues with their toys breaking withing the first 30 minutes. These are great for stocking stuffers so what are you waiting for. 

You can find these amazing products at


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