Thursday, November 15, 2012

Once Upon A Tree House

 Mommies out there I found a great place for special gifts for your daughters. I remember when I was a child one of my favorite toys was my doll house. I know a great present for Christmas this year they are these amazing hand crafted dolls from Once Upon A Tree house. "Once Upon A TreeHouse mission is to create handmade toys and interactive ideas for parents and grandparents that provide enriching experiences with their children and grandchildren." When I received this amazing hand crafted doll it came in this nice package. It was a normal box but when I opened up it was in a nice pull string pink bag. This bag has their logo on the bag. Then in the side the bigger bag their was a smaller pink bag with the mini doll. It was very pretty and great packaging. When I took this mini doll out I fell in love with this dollhouse doll. It was a little wooden doll where to start why and what I love about it. The girls shoes I like because they are painted pink and on the top has little flower hand painted on them. Then the clothes where very cute. The doll has cute pants that fit very well and then it has a shirt and a coat. I love the coat and it is Velcro so you can take that off. I like how the hands to the doll really do look like hand they look like mittens. I also love the face very simple but cute. The one thing i love the most is the dolls hair. The hair is very soft and the pigtails are so cute. I would recommend thinking about getting your daughter a dollhouse this Christmas. I would also recommend going to Once Upon a Tree House and buying a few dolls for Christmas time. You will not be disappointed and the quality and the craftsmanship is just amazing for this product. 

If you like to see more of these amazing doll and other great products go to Once Upon a Tree House


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