Saturday, November 10, 2012


I know that I  like to try to stay towards natural products. So I looked into the product Noxicare. Noxicare is a natural pain relief formula that have a combination of 7 of the worlds most potent natural pain relievers. Noxicare works quickly and effectively to eliminate inflammation and  muscle aches and nerve pain.

The great thing about Noxicare is that it is FDA safe. You do not need a prescription to use this medication. You can buy Noxicare in caspules or you can buy the topical cream.

When I saw this product I was very interested in trying this for my right knee pain. I got into a car accident when I was 19 years old and now have on going pain when it snows or rains. I am kind of tired of always take pills for it. When I received Noxicare I was very excited to try. I put a generous amount on my knee and waited to see if it worked. You put the cream on 2-3 time daily and a generous amount. When I put it on it was not a thick cream nor it was a watery cream. It was just in between and it was very nice. It rubbed in pretty well in the skin. I let it work and it really help the pain that was in my knee. i really like how it worked pretty fast. Faster then a pill to take the pain away. It was simple and fast and worked pretty much right away. Plus I loved the smell to it and it was not a strong smell. I would recommend this product to you if you have arthritis pain, tension headaches and you can use this wonderful natural pain reliever.If you would like to buy this product you can find this product at 

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