Thursday, November 8, 2012

NaiLuv Gel Polish

NaiLuv Gel Polish Review
About NaiLuv- Ladies I know this your dream of long lasting and smudge resistant. Well now NaiLuvs Gel is long lasting, smudge resistant soak off alternative to nail lacquer that you can do at home instead of a salon. The LED and UV curable with the gel polishes. When you want to take it off it also removes easily which is every girls dream. 
 When I was 18 and I was in high school I used to go to a tech school for nails. I used to love doing different kinds of nails. I always used liked manicures and having my nails painted. Well now that has changed for me being a mom of two kids. It seems like the nail polishes that I have in my home seem to chip within minutes. If i decided I need to paint my nail for a special occasion i would wait until last minute so they would not chip. It would frustrate me so I gave up.  When I came across NaiLuv I was so excited and I wanted to try their system. I heard that this gel nail polish could last up to two weeks. When I heard this I honestly did not believe it. It is to good to be true. Well ladies I am here to tell you it is true. I have had this nail polish on for several days now. I have done laundry, bathroom duty, dishes everything you can think of no chips nor smudges. It is amazing. I would recommended this product. This could help any kind of mom, business women and these look great. There are 36 great colors to choose from also. I love my NaiLuv kit. I know what your thinking this is probably very difficult. Guess what it is not very simple. I will go through the steps and than you can decide.
The first step of the process is to push your cuticles back with the pusher that is in your kit. Then you want to buff your nail with the buffer that is provided. After doing both of those you want to put on a layer of the Bonder. You do not have to put this under the light.
The second step is to put on a layer of the base coat. After applying the base coat you want to turn the light on and let it cure under the light for 30 seconds.
The third step is to put the polish on. I got to try the red polish and put under the light for 45 secs.
 The fourth step is put a layer of the top coat on and put under the light for 30 sec for it to cure.
 The final step is to remove the tacky layer. When you are finished there is a sticky/tackey layer. Grab the bottle that says clenser and remove the tacky layer off.
Wow amazing right that how simple it is. Anyone can do this. I thought wow I do not know if I can and it was easy and it did not take a lot of time. I was very excited I would highly recommend this product for you!! Remember there are 36 different nail polishes
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  1. I love this idea!! Paying for your gels at the salon is so expensive!! I will have to check this out. Thanks Love!!


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