Friday, November 9, 2012

My Friend Paris

My Children absolutely love My Friend Paris book. They keep wanting me to read it before they go to bed and it has not gotten old yet.My Friend Paris has a very interesting story behind me which I think is absolutely amazing. The Author of My Friend Paris is only 14 year old girl from San Francisco. Throughout her books it is amazing to share the experiences of her own life. These books are about her travel adventures from New York to Italy. Other characters that are in this book are her sister that re twins. Here is an amazing fact her first published book was when she was only 11 years old. How amazing is that!!

I was able to review her book about her twin sister and their first Christmas. My  two year old and four year old absolutely loved this book and wants me to read it to them constantly.This story is about her sisters how are twins their first Christmas. In the story her Christmas wish is for snow. I know around Christmas that is almost every little kids wish is snow for Christmas. It reminds me of my son who is now teaching and telling his little sister the traditions of Christmas and different things we do for the holidays. I would highly recommend this book for children for Christmas it a very cute story and your children will absolutely love it!!

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