Sunday, November 11, 2012

ManGroomer Women and Men Biz Flushable Moist Wipes


  ManGroomer is a great company and has recently came out with two new products for men and women. These products are Biz wipes. In this house there are always wipes around. Mothers out there I know a lot of you can relate to this also.
When I received these wipes I kept the women wipes and I gave my father the men wipes. He told me that he liked the wipes better than the ones that he uses. He said these are sturdy an do not and do not tear. He said that what he likes about them also he said they have a great smell and that is not strong. My father is a very stubborn man and does not like change. So this product must be great. 

I tried the women wipes right away also. I was very skeptic at first because I break out usually when I use wipes. Usually it because of the chemicals or the perfumes. This wipe felt very smooth on my skin and it did not tear when I was wiping my skin. Another issue I have is wipes that I use at times can cause burns or irrations at times these wipes do not cause any burning at all. The over all feeling after these wipes where a clean feeling which felt great.

If you are curious about these women's wipes are 4.99

If you are curious about these men's wipes are 4.95


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