Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Magna Play

Background of Magna PlayFrom Their Site: MagnaPlay was founded by a Mom who understands the importance of safety and quality when manufacturing educational toys for children. Child safety is our utmost priority. We have all seen headlines of recent recalls of millions of toys by companies such as Mattel, Fisher-Price, RC2 Corporation (Thomas and Friends toys) and others because they either had tiny magnets that could get detached and be swallowed by children, or contained lead-paint hazards for children. MagnaPlay guarantees the safety of its products as they are assembled in the United States and are tested by an accredited third party testing lab.

I wanted to review Magna Play because of the message that I shared from their site at the top. I strongly believe that when I buy a toy for my children I want to be assured that the toy that I bought is safe. I have been disappointed lately in the recalls for toys and then to find out some of the toys that where made by big distrubtors that had lead in some of they toys. I am very careful in the toys that I let my children have. When I read that on Magna Play site it made me feel more at ease that their toys would be safe for my children. Which I was glad because they have amazing products. I got to review the Magna Play which you see in the photo above and the photo below. I was thrilled to be able to review this product because I have a two and four year old who love to draw. I know my four year old get bored in the car when we have a long day shopping or traveling. This would be a great product for a long car ride. The MagnaPlay Magnetic Activity Set includes the following: 1 magna case ( magnetic dry erase activity case which has 2 magnetic surfaces), 2 magnet strips (8x1) this secures the coloring pages to the activity case. 1 wooden magnetic activity ( there is an option between the alphabet picture puzzle and the number match up puzzle, 1 bic dry erase, low odor, black marker, 1 felt eraser. 

I know this kit is going to get a lot of use around the holidays. We travel a lot to see family members during the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is when we travel the most. This is a great idea because this will keep your children occupied for a while when your taking your trips. I know my son is going to love it because he always wants to draw and color. He is very excited to take this activity set with him in the car when we have our next trip. He has been playing with it today non stop and we are not even in the car. This would make a great holiday gift!! But I would recommend this now for an activity if you are planning on traveling for the holidays so your little one will not get bored in the car!!.
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