Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Today my son was very excited that he got mail today. We received Loopeez in the mail today. What is Loopeez you ask? Loopeez make tying shoes easier for your little ones. This is a great idea because I wanted to start this but did not know where to start. We received camo pair of Loopeez for my sons shoes. My son is four years old and about to turn five soon. I know he wants to tie his shoes but he does gets frustrated easy.

Here is how you use the Loopeez 

First you cross laces and pull

Second Place Loopeez on the twist

Third push shoelace through hole to form a loop, repeat with the other lace

Fourth cross loops over

Five Make a bow pull lightly

I had my son try to tie shoes without the loopeez at first and he could not. When he was using the Loopeez he got to about step three. Although he can not do it right away it does not mean the product does not work because it does. Although some parents do not realize it take time and patience. I see my son wanting to try more with the Loopeez and he takes his shoes and tries to tie them which is great. He will get it eventually if we keep practicing. I would really recommend this products for all mothers who are at that point on teaching their children how to tie their shoes. It fun and easy and it helps children able to tie their shoes. If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer this would be a great one. Your children would absolutely love this gift.

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