Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lil Teammates

I love trying to find great gifts for the holidays and the gifts that you would never think of. I found something that would make a great present for a sports fan or even a child. I found a great present for die hard sport fans or for kids Lil Teammates NFL.    
I know this gift my son is going to love when Christmas rolls around. I know he is going to spend hours with this toy and his imagination is going to take over.  Lil Teammmates are little figures that are football players that you can play with. They come in a set of three players in each set. I mean I have seen figures similar to this but nothing like these. They are very kid friendly with the cutest expressions on there face. When I look at these toys i have a few question I ask myself before I let my son have it. Will it cause a problem no. Will the paint on the toy chip no. Will they break easy no. They are very great quality and hold up very easily. They have a variety of different teams and let me tell you they are very hard to choose which one you want.

These would make great toys not only for your children but for any sport fan. If your a sports fan like me putting these up when you are having a party is also a great idea. I think that I would invest more in these for my son because he is going to enjoy them a lot. They are great quality, cute and great price. What are you waiting for? Do not let these run out before you can get one for Christmas. You better hurry!!
 They come in different teams. You chose the team that you like. In this house we are Detroit Lion's fans. At there site you can register your Lil Teammates and earn points on their site. You can redeem your points to claim free prizes.  
You can find these on their website http://www.lilteammates.com/
or there face book

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