Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lil' Diner

Have you ever had the issues of your children throwing their plates on the floor. Or other things similar to that? Well my 4 year old never really went through that stage but let me tell you my 2 year old does. I have tried so many different things to help prevent a mess on the floor or the high chair. Well I came across this website Lil' Diner  and let me tell you I was very interested in this product because if this was the answer then this mean no more mess for me. 

I was very lucky to able to try Lil' Diner for my two year old. What is Lil Diner? The pictures that are posted will give you a better idea of what Lil Diner is. This product has 2 suction cups on the bottom so it suctions to the table. Then there a disk with another suction cup on the top to hold the plate or bowel what ever is being used. This is how Lil Diner works. Usually you use stoneware, ceramic, or china and that usually is a great fit to use with this product. The reason whey is these dishes have a glossy and smooth finish and easier to suction to. If you have a oversize dish remove the balancing skirt and attach skirt and put a towel around the base. Then by suction the plate to the Lil Diner product it helps prevent the baby to make a huge mess. I really liked this product. It honestly really helps at dinner time. My daughter try's to push and pull and she can not get it off. This is super safe and I love it because I do not have to pick everything off the floor. If you have a small child I would highly recommend this product. It easy and small so you can take it to the restaurant with you or take it if your traveling. It prevents a mess and saves you time.

Here is a video of me showing you guys that I can not get this bowl of and I am tugging. So Here is proof that it actually works!!

If you would like to find this product or find more information please visit

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